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Donate to VIBE

Why donate?

VIBE Supporters was established in 2012 as a parent group to support the Daniel Hand VIBE Show Choir in efforts to raise funds to help support the organization as it began to grow. In VIBE Show Choir's infancy, there were no funds for costumes, sets, choreography, competition travel, etc..  The Daniel Hand High School/Madison Public School's budget does not allow for funding of the show choir's costs.

In 2014, VIBE Supporters, Inc. officially became a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that raises funds for the VIBE Show Choir program and helps support the mission and programming of the Show Choir and the Show Choir Director.


Why was it so important to create this group as a tax-deductible fundraising entity?  Running a show choir is extremely costly.  Costs include:​​​

  • Choreography fees

  • Costumes (often multiple costume changes per show)

  • Travel costs to competitions 

  • Participation fees for competitions

  • Sound, set and lighting costs

  • Transportation costs of set, sound, lighting to competitions

  • Music licensing and custom arranging fees

Costs for participating in VIBE can be upwards of $2500-5000 per student.  Many other show choirs pass these fees onto their participants annually. VIBE Show Choir has vowed to never charge such exorbitant participation fees.  It is the mission of VIBE Supporters that all students can participate without regard to their ability to pay.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help support VIBE.

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