2020 Audition Results

Congratulations to the newest members!  I will be emailing each student/parent some very important paperwork that needs to be signed and turned back in.  Be on the lookout!  Those who did not make the group...don’t let this stop you. The biggest mistake people make is not auditioning a second or third time.  Here is the list in no particular order.

Madeline Wines 

Mia Lombardi

Mia Thomas

Annabelle Tore

Christinana Thoune

Madeline Schneider

Olivia Hansen-Hartmann

Abigail Ahlijanian

Noelle Solis

Sadie Bartholomew (swing)

Molly Smith (swing)

Emily Warner (swing)

Zoe Balkin (swing)

Ella Skonieczny (male role)

Isabella Portley (male role)

Giovanni Edwards

Benjamin Lizondro

Ben Jacoby

Henry Wilson

Paul Odyniec

Ethan Feldman

Aidan Boyce

Zachary Cheslog

Joseph Mozzerella