New Vibe Members

Thank you to everyone for coming out this year! This decision process was one of the hardest ever! There were so many talented performers auditioning. If you did not get it this year, please do not be discouraged! Sometimes it takes time for a performer to be ready to join up. To those who made it, congratulations and welcome to VIBE!!!

For new members, make sure you fill out the following google form:

Other important files can be found on the files page located under Vibe 2017-2018 Handbook.

In order to be accepted into the group officially, new members MUST fill out all of the forms on the files page and the Google Docs form!!

Those with an asterix (*) next to their name are swing members.



Kasia McPherson
Sarah Stephens
India Huy
Meaghan Reynolds
Alana McDowall
Alexis Lariviere
Abigail Sherer
Reese Gaudelli
Jamie Watkins
Jack Hughes
Jack White
Kevin Violette
Ben Hoffman

Kijana Richmond
Max Liu
Kylie Ameika*
Catie Patrick*
Lisa Estrada*
Chloe Thompson*
Emily Niejadlik*
Danielle Johnson*
Hannah Kidwell*
Sofia Santoemma*
Clemen Cheung*
James Arida*
Dylan Richmond*
William Ketterer*


Shelby Jamison
Nick Gross
Hunter Singewald
Kasey Borduas
Jordan Kim
Kamryn Suprenant
Haley Bracken