VIBE – Nashville – additional info Tickets / Schedule

A few helpful tidbits on Nashville –

“Meals on their own” – the students will be stopping at a local food court mall via bus on day of arrival / day of return near Atlanta. This will give them plenty of options for meals on travel days. Itinerary that Ron sent previously is also attached here.

Information for family members traveling to Nashville:

Organizers assure us they will not sell out – House holds 4400 and they have never exceeded 3200 at this event.
Tickets for all Competition Events may be purchased on Thursday between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm at The Show Choir Nationals Desk, located in the Cascades Lobby of the Opryland Hotel and at the Grand Ole Opry House during the competition.
Thursday 5:15pm – tickets will be available at the Opry House
Friday 7:00am and Saturday 8:00am – tickets available at the Opry House
Ticket prices are as follows:
Thursday Prelims (Opening Announcements, Women’s Division, Middle School Division) – $20
Friday Prelims (Mixed Prelims Blocks #1 and #2) – $20 VIBE STARTS BLOCK #2 at 11:15am
Saturday Mixed Division Finals – $20
Wildhorse Saloon Buffet Dinner, Show, and Dance – $45 (availability TBD)
Show Choir Nationals does NOT accept credit or debit cards. Check or Cash ONLY
General Competition Guidelines

Programs ($5.00) and a select number of event t-shirts ($20.00) will be available for purchase during the competition. These items usually sell out quickly so we encourage you to purchase them early. Once programs are sold out, only copies of the performance schedule will be available.
Doors to the Opry House lobby will be open approximately 60 minutes prior to the beginning of competition. Doors to the theater will open approximately 30 minutes prior to the 1st performance time. Doors will open to the lobby and theater at 7:00 am Friday morning ONLY. All seats are General Admission, there is no reserved seating.
Concessions are available in the lobby of the Opry House during each performance day.
No person may enter the Opry House from the Stage Entrance unless part of the stage set-up crew.
No one will allowed to enter or exit the theater during a group’s performance. This is a distraction to the performing groups, adjudicators and other spectators.
Show Choir Nationals Schedule:
Friday Morning – March 23, Grand Ole Opry House

Doors Open to Lobby and House 7:00am

Mixed Division Prelims – Block One Performance Warm-up

Plainfield Belle and Beaus 8:00am 7:30am

Pearl River Central, Central Attraction 8:30am 8:00am

North Central Counterpoints 9:00am 8:30am

Fairfield Choraliers 9:30am 9:00am

Findlay First Edition 10:00am 9:30am

Homestead Class Royale 10:30am 10:00am

Break 11:00am – 11:15am

Mixed Division Prelims – Block Two

Daniel Hand Vibe 11:15am 10:45am

Homewood The Network 11:45am 11:15am

Washington Momentum 12:15am 11:45am

Noblesville Singers 12:45pm 12:15pm

Westside Amazing Technicolor Show Choir 1:15pm 12:45pm

Kennedy Happiness Inc. 1:45pm 1:15pm

Mixed Division Prelim Awards and Announcement of Finalists 2:20pm

Saturday Morning – March 24, Grand Ole Opry House

Doors Open to Lobby 8:00am Doors Open to House 8:30am

Finals Competition Performance Warm-Up

Finalists 1 9:00am 8:30am

Finalists 2 9:30am 9:00am

Finalists 3 10:00am 9:30am

Finalists 4 10:30am 10:00am

Finalists 5 11:00am 10:30am

Finalists 6 11:30am 11:00am

Clinton Attaché Performance 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Finals Awards 1:00pm

Attachments area

Important Schedule Updates

Greetings VIBE families,

WOW – what a win on Saturday!  Congrats to all the kids!!!!
March 3rd – CT Classic – please see Susan Reel’s email with links for volunteer and donation sign ups.  This is an all-hands-on-deck event!
     (March 2nd – afternoon / evening – classroom and building set up / student and adult staff run-through of responsibilities, drop-off cases of water/ beverages
March 10th – Nutmeg Show Choir Festival (NOT March 17th as it is listed in the handbook)
March 15th – VIBE Send Off / Finale Concert at DHHS.  This will be our final fundraiser for this season and a great way for the community to wish them well for Nashville!  Please encourage friends and family who want to see VIBE perform locally to save the date for this event.    More information to follow.  Discounted tickets will be available to VIBE families (you will be given a code at check out to apply to tickets for family members).
Thank you for your support!

CT Classic Volunteer Sign-Up

Hi Everyone,

Now that THAT sweep is behind us, it’s time to focus on CT Classic!!!

Below you will find links to two signups. One is purely for food/beverage donations we are trying to get – particularly for some bulky items that it would be really difficult to get in bulk, but aren’t bad for anyone one family to get and donate.

Second signup is for signing up for your dream job. We are asking all parents for a minimum of a 4-hour shift commitment to make it work.

Thank you all in advance – we are looking forward to pulling off the best competition of the season!

Sign Up!

Volunteer today!
Sign Up To Volunteer
Click to sign up online

Please note that this post can now be found at as will all future group emails. Next year we will create an email subscriber list so that you will receive notifications of new posts just like a blog.


CT Classic Merchandise/tickets

Hello everyone,

The CT Classic website is live:

Tickets are available for purchase under the “Buy Tickets” tab.  Volunteers who give 4 hours or more of their time on the day of CT Classic will be given a complimentary ticket so please do not purchase if you plan to work unless you want a reserved premium seat.  Sign-up genius coming out soon for volunteer positions.

We also have CT Classic/VIBE merchandise for sale on the site.  Click the “Shop” tab.  Anyone who orders merchandise by Friday at noon can receive their merchandise on Saturday before the bus leaves for Tantasqua so you can wear it there!  Michele Daniels will be at the bus with any orders to give out.  The bus is leaving at 2pm.  Merchandise will also be for sale on the day of CT Classic with customization options.  Please note that there are 2 pages of merchandise (the 2nd women’s shirt is on page 2).

Any questions about merchandise, please email Michele at

Important! Nashville Hotel Group Rate

Hello everyone,

Robyn Klaskin secured a discounted group rate of $235 at the Opryland Hotel in exchange for a contract guanrateeing that our group would reserve 20 rooms.  A number of people who initially told her they would book have backed out and we now have not reached the required 20.

The result of failing to book 20 rooms will be that VIBE has to pay for them.

If anyone would be interested in either switching from another hotel to the Opryland or was waiting to see if there would be any extra rooms, please click the following link:

You must book all three nights: 3/22, 3/23 and 3/24.

Thank you!